The accounting interpreter: perfect harmony between your teams

Sometimes treasurers and accountants don't sing in the same key. Despite the best of intentions on both sides, they may find that their respective requirements and priorities don't necessarily align, leading to tensions. But our powerful accounting interpreter solution can make these frictions, which are especially likely to crystallise during period-end closing and cut-off procedures, fade away.

Working in unison

Our accounting interpreter is the automated solution for the production of settlement and revaluation entries before uploading to your accounting package.

And because it provides the same system of reference to both the treasury and accounting departments, the accounting interpreter harmonizes working relations.

Treasurer and accountant are on the same wavelength, cooperating smoothly and efficiently day-to-day and during busy closing periods.

Directly connected to the treasury management system (TMS), the accounting interpreter and its rules engine automatically generate the accounting entries for transactions which have been previously approved by the treasurer.

This critical tool is especially useful when it comes to accounting for investment, financing or hedging transactions. It automates a time-consuming process and boosts reliability with an integrated "front-to-back-to-accounting" system.


And that’s not all. The accounting interpreter doesn't just prevent friction between treasurer and accountant, it also spells big productivity gains. Staying with the musical metaphor, this tool helps manage the rhythm and pattern of exchanges between the two departments.

Tuned to the same needs, our two protagonists no longer need to wait for the other’s cue to play their part. Workflow is smoother and more agile as a result.

The accounting interpreter functions (defined from your chart of accounts) and the export rules configured in the program (such as uniqueness key, filters, fields to be exported, formats and more) seamlessly prepare draft accounts according to your criteria and the requirements of your accounting package – for any volume of transactions!

Working from this preliminary draft, the accountant can preview the entries, ensure that the accounts are perfectly balanced and drill down for detailed analyses using the reports generated automatically from the transactions approved by the treasurer (register, ledger, trial balance, etc.).

Configured to the requirements of the company, its subsidiaries and stakeholders, the accounting interpreter is your guarantee of reliable accounting.

Companies made up of multiple entities can also choose between managing accounting entries centrally by the parent company, or independently by each subsidiary (with separate charts of accounts and using different engines for generating the entries).

End on the right note and make generating and balancing of accounting entries for market transactions easier with our titantreasury solution.

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