Une solution de trésorerie unique pour la gestion des risques financiers

Modernise your financial risk management.

Treasury software specialised in risk management.

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A solution used by over 800 treasury professionals

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Risk management solution for all your treasury operations

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  • Currency risk

  • Liquidity risk

  • Interest rate risk

  • Counterparty

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Customer reviews

Managing your contracts effectively and efficiently

"The EDM (Electronic Document Management) integrated into titantreasury's "Bank sureties and Guarantees" module is a real asset in the solution. We no longer waste time searching our internal network for contract details in large files. In titantreasury, each document is linked to its operation and stored in the database. Thanks to the titantreasury search engine, we can quickly find these documents with keywords or by the transaction number or the name of the entity"

Mr. Colin CESENA – Head of Middle Office Treasury.


Customer reviews

Structuring your cash flow

"We were seduced by the functional response of the titantreasury solution which corresponded to our needs (control of counterparty, interest rate, exchange rate, workflow, real-time reporting,...) and, by the complete and pragmatic support of the 3Vfinance teams".

Mr. Alexandre BOIS – Head of Central Treasurer Financing and Investments

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Face new business challenges

"Several advantages are noticeable during our closing periods ; the integrity of the data in the same repository and the automation of tasks (...). We estimate we have won back at least 5 hours in our monthly management thanks to titantreasury »

Mr. Emmanuel ARABIAN – Treasury Manager

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Know where my available cash is at all times

Enhance my cash portfolio

Accounting for my transactions under IFRS

Enhance my cash portfolio

Accounting for my transactions under IFRS

Know where my available cash is at all times

Know where my available cash is at all times

Accounting for my transactions under IFRS

Enhance my cash portfolio

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Why use treasury software dedicaded to financial risk management?

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Save time

Because it automates a large number of particularly time-consuming tasks, processes large volumes of transactions in a few clicks and orchestrates interactions between all stakeholders in a harmonious way, a treasury software specialising in financial risk management makes it possible to achieve significant productivity gains.

Rather than having your schedule constantly disrupted by the most superficial tasks, you can finally devote all your attention to the most essential and strategic decisions for the financial health of your business.

With less time spent on basic operations and more time allocated to thinking, managing and monitoring your financial risks, you are now able to work with confidence.

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Maintain control of your operations

Centralising your information in a single place allows your Finance Department to better control its cash flows, whether they come from financing, investment or hedging operations.

Whether an operation is effective or only a forecast, whether it is carried out on behalf of the parent company or on behalf of one of its subsidiaries, its management is simplified thanks to the powerful and intuitive features of the treasury software.

A complete "front-to-back-to-accounting" control procedure makes it possible to retrieve and then control all the necessary data. At the end of the chain, following the bank reconciliation, our accounting interpreter then transforms your cash flow into accounting entries ready to transmit to your accounting ERP.

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Guarantee total reliability of your data

Integrated end-to-end in to your architecture and connected to your tools, treasury software dedicated to risk management ensures that you always have up-to-date and reliable data.

Whether it is to transmit precise data or to produce a complete report for your close collaborators, management, auditor, or for financial communication purposes, one can demonstrate the greatest responsiveness without worrying about constantly checking your source data.

Much easier to handle than on a simple Excel table, your data is now controlled and devoid of the slightest "shell". You no longer have to worry about the accuracy of your latest VBA program, or any other "black box" programmed by a former employee.

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Have a perfectly secure space

Because the protection of treasury data and the confidentiality of your financial information are strategic imperatives, your company must host its data in a safe place.

In addition to financial risk management, specialized treasury software also helps to properly manage some of your non-financial risks.

Rather than delegating the protection of your data and information to each of your employees, specialized software guarantees an irreproachable and homogeneous level of security.

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Benefit from our expertise

Because its continuous development mobilises the best specialists in finance and new technologies, the adoption of a specialized treasury software is the guarantee of benefiting from multiple expertise.

Best financial practices, proprietary valuation model, advanced algorithms, careful data visualization, you remain at the heart of innovation in all circumstances and benefit from the know-how of many experts in a single solution.

Specialized treasury software will of course help you in your management of all your financial risks: interest rate risk, liquidity risk, currency risk, counterparty risk, commodity risk...

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