We help you to keep control of your data with our Private Cloud infrastructure and regular enhancements to make sure your data is legally and technically secure. Our Private Cloud is a national cloud, operated in France.


To guarantee the legal and technical security of data, we submit to regular audits carried out by qualified PASSI auditors (approval provided by the National Authority for Information Systems Security, ANSSI).

In 2023, 3V Finance announces the obtaining of ISO 27001 certification, unrivaled recognition of an efficient and secure Information Security Management System.


CTA EN - ISO Certification




Cloud platform hosted in France

Our titanTreasury web technology is built around a high-availability private Cloud. 
To keep our clients’ data safe and secure, our database servers and infrastructure are exclusive to 3V Finance. The databases are redundant with several server nodes. All our infrastructure is hosted in France. 
(Disaster recovery services in France and Europe). 
Why a private Cloud? The answer is simple: we provide our clients with a dedicated front-end and resources on demand.
This delivery model for titanTreasury provides dedicated working environments for each client, which guarantees total data segregation and separation between clients to avoid information leaks and data corruption. It also facilitates reversibility (from SaaS to local) and data retrieval at any time. 
Our multi-tenant "titancube" solution for SMEs is distributed by our partners, software editors, and advisory firms in France and abroad.



Our private cloud is certified:

  • QMS ISO 9001-2015 
  • ITSM ISO 2000-1 : 2001
  • ISMS ISO 27001 : 2013
  • ISO 22301
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 50001
  • PCI-DSS 
  • SOC 1 & SOC 2 Type II 
  • SSAE16 / ISAE3402 




We are technically and legally committed to:
- transparency regarding the location and transmission of data,
- data availability, data reversibility and data portability,
- interoperability of our SaaS solutions with our customers' existing 3rd party systems and their future solutions,
- return and destruction of client data at the end of the contract,
- compliance with EU-GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation),
- the resilience of our SaaS solutions.
 We work with Cloud-Act Safe partners, who have no capital ties with a company incorporated under US law or located in the United States, to guarantee the confidentiality and sovereignty of our clients' data.






Essential software functions are needed in addition to our strong security measures, such as management of user profiles and user rights, transaction workflows, four-eye control, administration of operational and financial limits, multi-factor authentication, data integrity, encryption and reversibility, complete audit trails of users’ and administrators’ actions on transactions, reference frameworks, connections and market data.
All our development teams incorporate all OWASP and SANS Institute recommendations and guidelines into their work.
Our Research and Development team is based in France.
We do not outsource any services outside France.





 titanTreasury was selected by Deloitte UK for inclusion in its Top 8 treasury solutions on the market in 2019, for its functional coverage and frequency of major updates.

Independent and incremental upgrades, by client on demand
We offer a temporary second working environment to test major and minor versions of titanTreasury





3V Finance has its infrastructure audited by PASSI qualified auditors. PASSI auditor qualification is part of the remit of the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI) under the General Security Regulations (RGS). 
There are 5 technical audits:
  • organisational and physical audit
  • architecture audit
  • configuration audit
  • pen test
  • code audit
Qualification certifies the service provider's compliance with:
  • Contracts, laws, regulations and impartiality requirements,
  • Data protection (restricted distribution),
  • The quality and safety requirements of its audit processes,
  • Its auditors’ skills for the qualified activities.





titanTreasury  web runs on the main browsers, including the most recent versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and Chromium-based Edge. 
titanTreasury uses the latest web technologies: 
  • HTML 5 (Hyper Text Markup Language 5), the latest major upgrade issued by the W3C.
  • CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets), which defines websites design in terms of GUI and graphic style and the layout of a CSS document.
  • JavaScript/ECMA6 is the implementation of the ECMAScript Edition 6 (ES6) standard defined by Ecma International. JavaScript is developed by Mozilla Foundation. 
  • ReactJS is a freeware cross-platform JavaScript library under MIT license, developed by Facebook to handle the application interface. 
  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight text data exchange format derived from ECMAScript standardised by the IETF.